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The Emotional Baggage Check

by boxofknots
Hi Self Discovery Family! I'm so glad you are here today (air hugs!). It is important within our journey and in the growth and balance of our mental health that we express and hold ourselves accountable to take hold of our emotions. The BOX OF KNOTS Self Discovery Boot Camp is founded on the bases of communicating boundaries upon emotional intelligence. Use the baggage check as a way to leave "your baggage" at the door while you Check-Into this opportunity to rediscover yourself.
(option) Offering the date and time of your emotional check-in is a great way to reinforce pattern observing and lead toward better habit tracking.
(optional) Use this thought box to write down how you are feeling and document the thoughts you are processing along this journey. If you feel you're need of some extra prayers, personal requests or may need to schedule a 1:1 with Angela or one of the Ambassadors you may express that confidently/with confidentiality and respect within in this space.

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