Back and body pain has been something I have battled over the last 10+ years, having my first spine injury at 16 and first surgery at 19 and last surgery at 25, you could call me an expert in the “deal with it” division. I’ve been through the hoops and loops of medical insurance, had procedures I didn’t “need” because my insurance required it and I’ve survived one of the most intense spine surgeries that exists.

Along my journey to heal my spine, I ventured into a whole new world of mental health awareness and discovered how closely tied my mental health was to my emotional and physical being. Exploring these areas of my life has helped me to take control over addiction, calm my pain with my mind and learn how to manage the day to day.

At SPINE AND MIND you will get my expertise, advice, product recommendations as well as tips and tricks I’ve adapted into my own life.

Thank you for your support and kindness on my welness journey to heal my spine and undiscovered my mind.

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