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This rainbow maker program is designed to help box of knots give out more free Life Books to those in the mental health community. My core goal is to have Life Books be handed to new parents at the time of their childs birth so they have the tools and confidence to document their life for them.

The only requirement to sign up as a maker in this program is that you have previous experiece making with your hands. Wether it be needle work, macrame, wood work, crafting, scrapbooking, DIY, home projects, etc…the one thing I ask is that you have hand eye coordination and can work with your hands. The rest (how to make rainbows) I can teach you…but I can’t teach you how to be motivated or coordinated.

If I haven’t scared you away yet 🙂 please make sure to fill your kit with the necessary items if you do not already own them. If you scroll down, you can see details on what you’ll need as well as a sign up form. If you have any questions reach out to me.

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  • Rope
  • Wire
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Yarn from donors on instagram
  • Return Shipping Label
  • Scissors (upgrade)
  • Glue Gun (upgrade)
These are the scissors I highly recommend:

Tonic Studios Tim Holtz 817 Kushgrip Non Stick Micro Serrated Snips, 7″

If you have fabric shears those would work also (but they’re expensive AF) so I’ve used this pair for the last few years and they are affordable enough to buy more than one pair.

This is the glue gun I suggest you add to your order:

AdTech 0442 Project Pro Detail Hot Glue Gun with Needle Nozzle

Again- if you have a needle-tip, high-temp glue gun [GREAT] but if you don’t…make sure to add that to your order. The high temp and needle tip are game changers in the tiny detailed work so you will absolutely need one.

Other than the desire to help people, the one quality I like to find in makers is their desire to create and problem solve. Making double sided rainbows is not an easy task but I believe that a determined maker will sit through the finger burns to learn the craft. Because essentially, it is a revolving door of paying it forward. Donors send us yarn they would have otherwise thrown out and we up-cycle them into handmade rainbow fiber creations that are always one of a kind.

Sign up here for a PAID Rainbow Maker Kit

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If you’d like to participate but cannot afford the Rainbow Maker Member Kit please sign up below for the wait list. As I create these hand-wound boxes of yarn I will also be sending one out each batch to a maker that is just starting out (I’ve totally been there sista).

Sign up HERE to be added to the WAIT LIST for FREE RAINBOW MAKER KITS

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