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PHASE 2: Personal Development (PDF PRINTABLE)



This pack was designed toward the end of 2019 when I was coming to the end of some emotional trauma and hard choices through self reflection. I used my 15 years experience in all forms of therapy as well as my certifications in Art Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy to design visual layouts to help you at certain points of your journey.

Phase 2: Personal Development Pack Includes a multi-page PDF of the following layouts.

  • Boxed-in-Heart (chakra exercise)
  • Color Therapy
  • 2 Part “Soul-Pain Advocate” (chakra exercise)
  • Line Expressions (art therapy)
  • Perspective Key View (art therapy)
  • 2 Part “Creative Thought Pivots” (art therapy)
  • What I Think About Myself (art therapy)
  • Live in the Solution (CBT + visualization)
  • In Your Control (CBT + visualization)
  • Gloomy Issue Report (CBT + visualization)


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