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  • 1 Step-By-Step Moon Ritual Guide Sticker for your Life Book
  • 1 Hand-wrapped Southern Cali White Sage Wand with crystal charm
  • 1 Palo Santo stick sustainably sourced from Peru
  • 1 Scented Soy Intention Candle (only burn 2 hours at a time)
  • 1 Intention Candle Mantra Sticker for your Life Book
  • 1 Crystal with matching Crystal Card Sticker for your Life Book
  • 1 Thought Box Card
  • 1 Perspective Key
  • 1 Mini-Coral Reef Intention Rose


  1. Cleanse your space by lighting the end of your Palo Santo stick and envisioning the smoke clearing your space of negative energy. (Sustainably sourced from Peru)
  2. Set an intention in your mind for this experience and honor it by lighting your intention candle and reciting the mantra included. (Caution: do not leave candle unattended. Tin may get hot. Max 2-hour burn time)
  3. Use the lid from your candle and flip it over to serve as a dish for your Coral Reef Intention Rose. (Add water) This tiny rose will begin to bloom open as you continue your ritual.
  4. Sit with your inner peace and pain as you write down your intention for this moon cycle on your Thought Box Card and then slide it under your Intention Rose dish.
  5. Light the end of your Sage Wand with the understanding that the flame ignites your intentions and the smoke clears bad spirit. Smudge your space.
  6. Place your crystal on your ‘altar’ as a token reminder of your promise to continuously reconnect to your highest self.
  7. Blow your intention candle out and remember to carry your Perspective Key as a daily reminder to “start where you are, not where you wish you could be”.

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