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Orders include an intention rose that has been cleansed and opened under the full/new moon and then dried with a hand picked crystal in the center so when the recipient waters it for the first time they will see a special stone waiting for them, sending all the good vibes. Roses also include blank thought box cards to write down intentions as well as a perspective key. Each rose also includes an engraved wooden card that explains how to use the rose.

What is an Intention Rose?

“When the flowers and leaves have died and fallen, the drying branches curl inwards, forming a round ball; after the roots die, the plant is blown around by the winds before lodging in a damp spot. The ball then expands again, and deposits its seeds, which germinate. Once watered, the dried-up looking young plants soon begin to bud. The plant was thought to be favorable to nativity, and was also called the Rose of the Madonna. It was believed to have bloomed first at Christ’s birth, and then closed at the Crucifixion, before blooming once again at Easter. Its other popular name is the Rose of Jericho.” – ROSEOFJERICHO.ORG

Regardless of legends, the Intention Rose can be used across all beliefs. The way we use our rose at box of knots all varies but for the most part, our rituals are about the same.

Here is a general guide of how you can use your rose, but more importantly, make it special and meaningful for you so that you look forward to watering it.

What to do with your rose rituals:

  1. Place your rose in a dish
  2. Write down your intentions on one piece of paper and place the paper under the dish.
  3. Write down your worries/fears on another piece of paper. At any time, burn it with the intention of leaving that worry behind.
  4. Add water to the root of the rose dish while thinking about your intentions you wrote down. You can use any kind of water, some prefer “moon water” (water left under a full/new moon)
  5. Watch your rose bloom to life and imagine that with it comes an abundance of energy and resource to achieve all you have intended.

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