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Custom Human Design Report Pack


This report covers your:
  • Human Design Type
  • Your Strategy
  • Profile
  • Undefined Centers
  • Defined Centers
  • Defined Channels
  • Defined Gates
  • Your Incarnation Cross

(all sources cited and included in your report)

Understanding Human Design by reading my own report has been so helpful in my self discovery journey- I felt called to offer the same for Life Bookers!

For a limited time, I will be offering Human Design Report Packs with YOUR personal Human Design report formatted to fit into your Life Books for eternal learning.

If you have any questions before making your purchase, please reach out

What’s Included:
  • Custom Human Design Report (PDF – email)
  • Shipped – Formatted and printed labels for your Life Book (5-10 pages depending on length of report)
  • BONUS: Support Group on Telegram
  • Cited links and resources about your report
The following information is needed to accurately receive your report:


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