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Self Discovery Boot Camp Registration

by boxofknots


You’re Invited To Enjoy the Following:
  1. 5-Week “open-box” bootcamp with Angela from Box of Knots
  2. Challenge of the Week: a New Life Book challenge to process with the group
  3. ‘Gratitude Gang’ / Coffee Talk zoom calls (Wednesday Mornings at )
  4.  Correspondence via Telegram to Keep you on track
  5. Bonus: 15% Shop Discount (provided at sign-up)

Here is a quick breakdown of my healing process using the analogy of “gardening” for reference. This is the foundation of intuitive living.

  • Week 1: Identify the weeds
  • Week 2: Rip out the weeds
  • Week 3: Fertilize and plant new seeds
  • Week 4: Water your Spiritual Garden
  • Week 5: Manifest + Integrate the fruits of your labor.

Self Discovery Boot Camp Donation Registration
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