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Letters To My Deployed Husband: It’s Okay to Laugh When You’re Gone

July 1, 2018
Today was a day where I needed you throughout the day. Moments where I wish there was an eject button. A button that enabled us to teleport into each other’s exact moment, so we could feel what the other was feeling. Today was a really fucked up day. Not because I missed you. Not because I […]

What’s a knot letterboard


June 5, 2018
WHAT’S A ‘KNOT’? Every family has a rock/boss lady/matriarch-type personality that nobody fucks with because they’re the glue and somehow holds the family together, even when the glue hasn’t completely dried. Not only do they multi-task like a mother, but this super-human somehow makes sure that ship don’t sink and everyone stays warm even when […]


Your Ego is not your Amigo

April 6, 2018
When I close my eyes and I think about the way I want to raise my kids it looks nothing like what I had planned years ago. Here’s a brief example to give an idea… This morning I woke up about two hours ahead of my kids so I came downstairs for my coffee. In […]


Just Drive

March 18, 2018
Getting in my car and driving was probably the best thing I could have ever done for myself, my kids, my marriage. In the last 3 weeks I’ve driven 166 passengers for @uber. That’s 166 introductions to strangers, 166 opportunities to make a connection with a human being. 166 chances to give my anxiety a […]


The Vasquez Journey: Next Step

March 18, 2017

With the twists and turns of every single life event I have been through, I’ve decided to share the bits and pieces of my story I tend to hold onto. And to be real, the only way you can look ahead in your personal life is to pull inspiration from your past. Painful or […]

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