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by angela


I always struggled to go “full time” with my art because of the limiting beliefs I was brought up to follow. What I realized with growth is that I never had the energy to believe in myself because those around me did not reflect that. Through this community I have been able to follow every dream and intention set and I appreciate you so much for that. I truly do believe that “money is energy” and what you put your energy into comes back. For me, sending out your orders fills my cup, but unfortunately it doesn’t help me in the single-motherhood life I am embarking. I struggle with “adulting” on some levels because my focus is so strong in my business and with my kids and I am learning as I go.

If contributing by way of monetary donation is your love language, here is the place for that. Thank you for your continued support and belief in my project and all I have in my path.

xo, angela

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