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Easter Egg Snake

March 20, 2018
We’re always after that simple, mess free, boy-ish craft my little engineer can tinker on and this time he’s actually the one that had the idea! (Although I found it online with a quick search so I think he might have seen a video on youtube before suggesting it) So we hopped in the car, […]


DIY Cupid’s Valentines Day Arrow

February 12, 2018
My son, Sylas loves to play with anything that shoots, wether it be launching marshmallows at me or playing some q-tip target practice, he loves it! Sure, we have an arsenal of Nerf guns in the toy bin but its a lot more fun when we get to make it ourselves. Our latest craft […]


DIY T-Shirt Cat Tent

February 9, 2018
When my husband is deployed, my kids and I aren’t the only ones that miss him – if you can’t tell by all the pet hair… Earlier this week while tackling a pile of laundry, I got an idea when my cat peeked his head from my husbands work shirt he left behind. So […]


DIY Padded Headboard

January 27, 2018
If you’re picky about fabric, texture or pattern and considering a mini-makeover for your bedroom, then this idea is perfect for you!        This How-To includes affiliate links to the products I used in my project. I only share products I actually used and do make a small commission from purchases made through […]

today is printable 2

A Daily Observation Activity to Engage Your Child on a Daily Basis

January 24, 2018
Being aware of your surroundings is a priceless character trait to have and something you can help your Little’s do with this simple daily log.   Here I’ll share a FREE Printable I’ve made as well as 5 Tips I’ve learned along the way when trying to engage a daily dialogue with my child.    […]


DIY Salt Dough Ornaments

December 20, 2017
This post contains affiliate links to items I used and/or support. I receive a small fee when these links are clicked/purchased and only include products I actually use.   Alright guys, I think I’ve found a new ornament gifting tradition to add to Christmas! It’s super easy and you probably already have what you […]

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