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The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

by boxofknots
Please use anything I share with common sense, an open mind and fearless heart. I do not share information to instill fear in anyone, I share because information and knowledge is our human right. I encourage you to be your own advocate, journalist, nurse, and scientist.

After seeing a video on Instagram, explaining how social media keeps censoring videos showing people how to access it, I wanted to make sure I documented it so we all have this as a resource we can utilize.

I have outlined below how-to access the reports for VACCINE REPORTED DEATHS

As 2021 continues…we will need to be doing our own reporting, our own documenting and sharing of what is actually happening with the agenda of “the corona virus”.

The CDC makes it a little difficult to navigate this part of their system so I have taken screen shots to simplify the process a bit.


Before you can access this part of the website you must SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM and click “I agree”.

After clicking “I agree”, navigate over to the “Request Form” tab in the menu.
STEP 2: Choose How to Organize the Report Data
STEP 3: Select “COVID-19 VACCINE” from the Options
STEP 4: Select “DEATH”
STEP 5: Adjust the Dates for the Report
STEP 6: “SEND” report – it will open up the results in a new window

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