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by boxofknots

Hey I’m Angela! Mommy to Sylas & Charly Rae, military spouse, graphic designer and homeschool mom.

I’m beyond blessed to be able to stay home with my babes and work from home, however, that’s bitter sweet because my husband is deployed over half the year. (totally not my thing btw!)

So I basically survive on nothing but coffee and a whole lotta help from my mama, a.k.a, Yaya.

This photo was taken on the sidewalk of Embarcadero outside the Explororium summer 2018

I’ll tell you now, I don’t have all the answers…but I do have experience that I freely share in hope to be helpful to someone else on their journey.

Come take a peek inside my chaotic life and join me in my vision to unite fellow knots as we press pause on the pressure to be “that mom” and focus more on the quality of life, love and number of belly laughs.

Sharing important aspects of my story has helped me to grow as a mom, partner, and friend and I look forward to documenting this journey one post at a time.

. Today was a sit on the swing, tell stories and give lots of kisses kinda day ❤️ _ a.k.a…we miss daddy _ 3 months to go . . . . . 


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