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Moon Rituals

by angela


The key here is starting off small and gradually growing your practice as you develop more knowledge. Establishing a routine with the moon cycle that feels right for you is just as important as figuring out what you’re having for dinner. Both nourish the body in different ways and finding a balance vs. trying to be perfect or “correct” is a game changer when ascending on a spiritual journey.


Following the moon cycle helps our bodies and minds get on a 2-week regiment and give ourselves time to process and enjoy life without intense expectations of carrying around burdens.

The general flow of my moon-ritual consists of the following in no particular order. I believe in intuitive healing and part of that is deciding on the spot, tarot cards now or journal now? Always go with your gut as well as logic (put your crystals out under the moon at the END of your ritual vs the beginning)

  • write down your intentions on paper
  • write down a “purge list” on a piece of paper you can burn
  • sage/smudge your ritual items and spiritual space
  • light a candle to connect with the fire energy
  • burn incense after sage to clear the energy
  • pull tarot cards to read the energy for the next 2-weeks
  • place bottled drinking water outside for the night
  • water your intention rose
  • place your written intention under your rose
  • leave crystals in a shallow dish of water outside to cleanse under the moonlight


For reference, here are “all the things” you can add to your new and full moon rituals.

  • candles
  • crystals
  • rocks & stones
  • shells & fossils
  • sage stick for smudging
  • incense
  • essential oils
  • tarot deck / oracle cards
  • a material omen/token/coin
  • wooden beads for intention threading
  • piece of paper or thought box card from the Life Book

A few extra things I like to add for preference:

  • a cup of my favorite tea
  • my intention rose/ rose of Jericho
  • cannabis in different forms (flower, concentrate, edible)
  • kratom (helps me with pain + mind clarity)
  • music (you can sit in silence or elevate the mood with fitting music)


You can purchase items that make you happy but be intentional about its past life, who was involved to create the item and its impact in the world. If you feel connected to it- use it. But don’t feel like you need a brand-new everything to “be spiritual”. All of this is for intention setting, but if we want to be specific, everything we need is technically already within us, I just see the ritual as a tool to continue to practice and explore within.

Here are some examples of items I have acquired over the years:

  • My dish that holds my intention rose was given to me as a gift for my 25th birthday by an old boss.
  • My tray that sits under my shrine has been passed down to me from my mother.
  • My wooden crystal tray was thrifted from Savers when I lived in San Francisco and has been a symbol for me of continuing to find pieces that spark joy for me.
  • My crystals have come to me over the years either from trips to the crystal shop or gifts from friends and family.
  • The token or omens I use are perspective keys and handmade rainbows from my collection.

Again…you DO NOT need to purchase new items. Try your best to make each item in your space intentional.


My best advice would be to start small.

Begin with:

  • crystals
  • sage sticks
  • incense
  • candles
  • or anything you may already have.

You DO NOT need to go out and purchase items for a moon-ritual, it is best to be intentional with items that hold a moral meaning vs. material.

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