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Why There’s Never Enough Chances In A Marriage

by angela

For the past year I’ve been avoiding a really important conversation with my internet friends. The conversation about what the fuck has been going on with me…the dynamic in my family, my marriage… What has been going on with the moves, the traumas I keep referring to…all the things. It’s about time I stop running from all these traumatic experiences and start facing them head on so I’ve decided to do it with you guys on my blog 🙂 because…why not…

I have really come to believe that I can reach a lot more people by sharing my real-time experience than I ever could recording it and spending countless hours editing and posting. I want to be authentic with you guys and being bipolar makes it hard to turn on the switch that gets me to open up. I have to be in “that mood”. For example…even writing this post right now. It’s 11:45 pm on a Saturday night and literally everyone is in bed accept me. I couldn’t sleep even if i tried to because the loads of anxiety from not talking about whats in my head and on my heart would keep me up all night.

I’ve decided I’ll be putting myself through a “public therapy process” where I utilize my Life Book and the tools I’ve learned over the last two decades to help build a solid and supportive community that cultivates genuine relationships though the internet.

I feel the pull to document the process of creating this book. Blogging about my personal life so that users can use my story as a testimony and case study as they process their layouts and work through their personal growth.

An important aspect of documenting the process is making sure that I write when it’s fresh on my mind. When the tears are full in my eyes. When I can feel the emotional work being done through every keyboard tap. Times like now are the ones I want to look back and see how far I’ve come.


Last year I wrote this post that you can read after this one lol….[ A “letter to my husband”] that was not really a letter to him, but more so a letter to myself working through my intentions. It was me saying “we’re gonna do this”.

Do you guys ever do that? Write a letter that you never give someone? I’ve been doing it since I was a kid 🙂

Anyway, I set out to plan a day date with my husband doing things that would give us an opportunity to talk, smile and flirt..because none of that had happened in a really long time. People would say shit like “you guys just need to make time for each other” so this was my attempt. What I didn’t realize was that even if we carved out special time, that time spent together could be miserable. And you either get that or you don’t. It is possible to love the shit out of someone but have nothing to “chat” about when you’re in each others company….we just hadn’t learned as a couple how to navigate that stage and we both took everything so personal.

So back to that day date…sorry I go off on tangents pretty frequently.

The only problem with taking off to San Francisco for the day was that we didn’t have a babysitter for Charly Rae so our options were pretty slim… We could cancel the entire day date or we could take her with us.

All things considered, like- my anxiety levels, the tension around my husband, I felt like he didn’t sense any of it and thought it was a good idea to take her with us…so we took her with us. An instant regret for me.

The day instantly shifted for me on the car drive there. My anxiety was at its peak and in that moment I felt the dread of the date come over me because I knew it was no longer about us. That conversation was never going to happen. 

When I look back and read that post, at first I was embarrassed because I felt like a young fool- saying shit about us forgetting how to be friends and if only we could get on that same chapter we could figure it out. Little did I know, our issues had nothing to do with our compatibility or our love for each other. Our real problem was that we sucked hard at life. Don’t get me wrong, we are both pretty book smart and street smart but when it comes to “adulting”…like paying the bills on time and getting gas before the light turns on, we have always been a little shitty at that. (one of my core limiting beliefs)

To make a really long story short, one unspoken issue lead to another…and before we knew it we were both pointing fingers at each other in total blame and shame while also both standing there guilty.

The overall vibe of our family felt really broken and unmotivated so we began to discuss what it would look like if we lived apart. If we “took a break”. 

In the beginning we were both really taken back and offended by the idea. What in the world does taking a break even look like? Is it a straight up hall-pass? Is it a time to be alone? Or the complete opposite…a time to endulge in intense therapy and group counseling practices?

Whatever the right answer, it didn’t matter because we were a few short weeks away from a really long deployment. The longest and most distant deployment by-far.

We got in a verbal argument- I feel like we usually don’t remember what it’s about but the only reason I remember what it was about was because it had everything to do with Box of Knots, believe it or not. And just so that I never forget how far we’ve come, I did want to write about it really quickly, because there was a time where all of this almost went entirely in the trash can. #truestory

It’s been a year since I wrote that post and a whole lot of destruction, fighting, anger, backlash, loneliness and healing has happened. It’s been one of those experiences I could have never guessed so I wanted to write about what the last year has been like, so I can measure in the future how far we’ve come.

The post I wrote mirrored my fear that I had to talk to my spouse. It was almost as traumatizing as asking my dad something as a kid I knew he could possibly shoot down.

I realized that I had projected my dad onto my spouse, and it put me in a hard place to communicate openly.

“You’re acting just like my dad does” became a usual phrase I didn’t hesitate to spew out but would instantly regret.

Has that ever happened to you? You almost see something coming out of your mouth before you hear it? And then instantly wish you could suck those words back up as quickly as you said them…that was totally me. And I absolutely hated that about myself.


We never had that time alone together. We never had those extremely necessary conversations. We never asked each other the hard questions for goal setting, we just focused on the seemingly hard questions that would slowly break apart the other.

I had the idea in my head that maybe it was the kids that “was the problem” and maybe we needed to approach it entirely different than we had been all along.

It wasn’t the kids. It wasn’t the location we needed to speak in. It was us. 

We were the problem.

Learning that was a really humbling experience because I feel like once you learn that the problem is you then you’re able to surface the willpower to finally ask those hard questions.

We asked each other the real important questions. The ones that really mattered and theres one thing that we didn’t do. We didn’t run. We didn’t assume that turning our backs would make the problem go away because we were both realistic about discovering each others expectations.


When asking all the hard questions I can’t stress how important it is to be realistic and live in a realistic headspace. When you look at the way the world is and how quickly couples jump to divorce theres one thing that really pops in my head of why it could possibly fail…and that answer for me was because people don’t see the pretty picture they “signed up for” and they give up and move on.

If you’re my kinda people- our stories will always stick out. We will always be out of the norm and try just because…

So what we decided to do was to separate during deployment. It’s probably been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but I also moved away to another state with my family. I put some physical distance between us and moved to a city we could afford, because stress and money was one of our marital issues along with lists of other trauma rooted issues.

Although it’s been a year since I set out to have “that talk” with him, I can say that the talk did happen last month in the most organic way possible and it really showed me a reflection of how the universe was working for me.

He called one day for what I thought was a convo to talk to the kids (we were getting a divorce at that time) I just remember him being really kind, almost overtly to the point where he could sense that I was unsure of his insincerity. He waited for the perfect pause and was the first to say “I miss you”…and to be honest guys…my strong and resilient self broke into tears.

It was one of those things I needed to hear at that moment, on that day when my heart was ready for his apology. When I could feel the sincerity over the phone and it was the first spark in what will be a new adventure for us because we’re not picking back up where we left off..we’re starting off fresh and new with each other and I think that will be best for us both in the growth and bond stages. We are both really looking forward to seeing what being a family looks like for us now- 6 months after I’ve poured my heart and soul into blooming into the person I am today.

We’re in that final count-down sage of the last few weeks so I’ll be sharing lots of feels and vibes along the way. I know that my life is not perfect and if even one person can relate, then I know I’m serving even a tiny bit of my purpose.

Love you guys! Sending you all the good vibes 🙂

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