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The Life Book

by angela

The Life Book is a project I’ve created to give your journal and planning experience a blended outlook on life that you can put on a shelf and come back to one day.


  • Custom Journal
    • Name Engraved on Cover
    • Month/Year and Name on Spine
  • Starter Pack
    • 2 Printed Index’s
    • 1 Quarterly Calendar
    • 1 Blank Monthly Layout
    • 2 Blank Trackers
    • 4 Blank Weekly Layouts
    • 2 Blank Note Pages
    • 2 Blank Lined Pages
    • 3 Sampler Layouts from the Personal Development Pack
  • 1 Document Sleeve
  • 1 Thought Box Card


    • 4 Monthly Layouts
    • 5 – Weekly Layouts
    • Shopping List + Meal Planner
    • Monthly Tracker Pack (6+pages)
    • Personal Development Pack (12+pages)
      • PHASE 1
      • PHASE 2
    • Monthly Letter from BOX OF KNOTS
    • Thought Box Cards
    • “SAVE IT” Document Sleeves
    • Sticky Notes
    • Writing Pens

The Life Book…..A book that is a journal, that’s also a notebook, that’s a calendar, that’s a planner, that keeps you organized, accountable, responsible.


So, what is the Life Book?

It’s a life log, anxiety monitoring system, depression killing idea that you already have the tools to be boss at life, but need ‘a tool’ to help you be that.


It’s also…

A thought accountability subscription that helps you monitor, catalog and journal your thoughts and desires as they come, not as the world expects, but when divine intervention presents.


Then…it’s a

A safe space, a box outside of your head. Thought Box cards were created so you can put “those” thoughts in them without worry of who would possibly read those thoughts. And when that thought passes, lives it’s moment, or is forgotten, you can safe keep it, or trash it. But the option to move on is always there.

This is my true passion project. It may already exist but it’s something that I feel will help many many people if designed right…and lucky for ya’ll I’ve been designing for 15+ years. This idea is something I have been wanting to share but not sure how.

I invite my knots to join me in my Vibe Tribe where we battle shit head on and document it- for our selves or who knows..for our kids or that memoir we may write one day.


Join #LIFEBOOK movement!

The point being, we worked through our shit, didn’t make excuses and lived life to the fullest.

If this sounds like something you can see yourself being a part of make sure to PRE-order your Life Book here.

Following your dreams is one thing…sharing them with the world is fucking scary. But hey- we are all here for each other right?

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