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Dear Mr. Trump: a letter from an angry Coast Guard Wife

by angela

➰ Dear Mr Trump ➰

I wanted to share HOW SAD it has been today reading all my friends posts about the fact that we will not be getting a paycheck and the reality that you don’t see how messed up it is not to pay a branch of the military that guards the coast every single day.

To share a bit of my own story- we are stationed in the most expensive city- the San Francisco Bay Area. Because of this economy, we have not qualified for food stamps or WIC since we moved here- and I can assure you, militarily families need that extra assistance, especially when our spouses are deployed. (you know- those unnecessary port calls…)

My husband deploys in less than a week and will not leave with a dime in the bank (unless change is made) so he can get the supplies he usually takes with him. Not only that- but he won’t be spending his time with me because I will be in my car…driving.

I happen to drive for #uber and have the capability to jump in my car and make quick money- but what about all the thousands of spouses who cannot do this? 

This is so UN-American and it has absolutely nothing to do with being democrat or republican Mr. Trump.

Know that we see you and we hear you loud and clear- you. do. not. care.

#shutdownstories #notmypresident

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