Did you know your body is made up of natural cannabis compounds it produces and consumes on a daily basis?

If you are like the majority of humanity then you are probably unaware that your body contains a version of it’s very own cannabis-based biological system that operates naturally, and most likely can benefit from using a CBD Hemp Oil.

Here’s a big + important word for you- endocannabinoid’s; naturally produced compounds in the body that bind with CBD.

Lets call them “endo’s” for short….

According to the endo WIKI-page, it’s a part of the human biology.

wikipedia.org description of the endocannabinoid system nov 2018


What exactly are endocannabinoid’s? How does CBD work? What’s the difference between it all?

Lucky for my knots, I’m teaming up with an all natural CBD brand to give you guys the 101 on CBD and all the info you need to know. This brand prides themselves with having the best “ultra high purity CBD” in their tinctures, as well as high quality manufacturing practices in Colorado. For this review, CBD BIO Naturals was kind enough to sponsor my CBD oil this month and I have been looking forward to telling you guys all about it!

Lets get into the details of CBD no one’s really talked about….YET!

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What is CBD? It’s a compound pulled from cannabis plants (the hemp plant to be specific).

Yes, cannabis, pot, THC, CBD, weed, whatever you want to call it…it’s already in your system.

You might say- “well, why can I test clean for a drug test then?”. 

If that is you, then this post is for you my friend! Let’s talk about it.


Your body is made up of two types of cannabinoid receptors – CB1 and CB2. 

If you’ve ever ran a mile and then experienced a wave of euphoria at the finish line then you’ve just experienced a little gift from your CB receptors, naturally. 

What’s happening is that your body is creating a type of dopamine chemical (the endocannabanoid’s) and then your endo-receptors give you a little “runner’s high” (you little stoner, you!).

So, what if you don’t experience that “runners high” after a big event?… Well, that’s because you’re like me.. and your CB receptors are damaged and “malfunctioning”.

With CBD therapy and some psychology tools, you can combat the storms brewing in your body if you listen to the symptoms.

Infographic Borrowed from FORIA Wellness


To give you an idea, here are “a few” signs your CB receptors could be “malfunctioning”

  • You have a bad memory
  • You aren’t excited by much
  • You find it hard to relax
  • You have no appetite
  • You have neurological pain
  • You have inflammation
  • You get migraines
  • You struggle with anxiety

If you’re like me, you can check a few of these off the list (maybe all).

That wave of euphoria doesn’t show up when the fun starts, your appetite is gone when the food smells amazing, your body still hurts after pain killers or Tylenol. These are all symptoms that maybe you’re weed-biology could be a bit off. It’s okay though because lucky for us, there is chemistry to help us balance ourselves out.

Just like hormones and your pH balance…theres also a CB balance type system just waiting for your attention.

Your body is made up of a series of receptors scattered throughout and if one is a little off, it can domino your entire biological system.

Here are 6 different receptors pointed out by the writers over at vice.com. They pretty much fall in line with the symptoms of malfunctioning receptors.

More info about symptoms and your bodies endo-receptors here.


There are dozens of cannabis-prone receptors that serve more than one purpose but here are a few to name…

  • Hippocampus – regulates memory
  • Cerebral cortex – cognition
  • The Cerebellum – motor coordination
  • Basal Ganglia – movement
  • The Hypothalamus – appetite
  • The Amygdala – emotions


If you’ve smoked cannabis before and don’t like it, your body is most likely well balanced to where the effects are quite the opposite of enjoyable.

You and THC are probably not gonna be friends, but you and CBD might be besties.


If you’ve smoked weed and consider yourself a pot head, then there’s good news. You more than likely have been proactive in your health without even know it.

By listening to your “malfunction-ing cannabinoid receptors” and supplementing for the lack of cannabinoids in your body, you are able to trick your receptors into being “normal” by combining both THC + CBD.

David Bienenstock over at viceland explaned it this way…”Think of the endocannabinoid system as your body’s “root level” operating system—a kind of central processing unit that regulates and alters the functioning of many other important systems and keeps them in balance.”


I suffer from a wide range of conditions that seem to uncover themselves year after year and CBD has been the one script I have never had to change.

Failed back surgery syndrome was the last diagnosis I got after my neurologist could not help me figure out what’s up. I had a 3 level spinal fusion and some made up syndrome is what they gave me. I call bull-shit and have been taking my health research and discovery into my own hands.

By using a personal journal/note taking system I created, now known as The Life Book, I was able to pin point what exactly was going on inside my body and I discovered that throughout the day I was constantly trying to reproduce more hormones that stress would basically eat up.

The best thing I can do for myself is to avoid the cycle and just give myself the CBD that it already thinks it should have. 

There is absolutely no reason you should suffer from something biological. Point blank. CBD could be the key to that lock, it’s just one of those things where you have to try the key and see if it works.


Lets agree to disagree that not everyone’s tree grow’s pretty, does it? We all need to do what works for us, damaged receptors or not, the science is there and there is no denying that.

The real question is, will it work for you?

One of the biggest questions I get in my inbox is about the thousands of brands out there. I will say, in most cases, you will get what you pay for.

If you want to try out a CBD Hemp Oil but don’t know where to start I can make that easy for you, head over to CBD Bio Naturals, I use their 500mg bottle. (by the way…use code BOXOFKNOTS at checkout so they know I sent ya! – in return you get $15 off your order)

I put a dropper full under my tongue and in my coffee or smoothie 3-5 times a day depending on how I’m feeling.

To make sure “this worked” for me, I took it straight for 2 weeks and then stopped taking it for 2 days. I didn’t feel any mental change but I had a nerve pain return that I hadn’t felt in some time and it was enough to convince me to keep taking it. Everyone has their reasons, and that sciatica nerve pain is my #1 reason.


I like to stay transparent here on boxofknots.com and love to get your feedback on specific topics I talk about.

If you like what I’m sharing make sure to reach out or share it with a friend! Information is powerful.

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