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Passing The Mantle Of Spirit Through Generations

by angela

Have you ever avoided something that meant so much to you?

I’ve known my grandpa was sent to a nursing home and I just didn’t have it in me to visit.

It ate me up and I haven’t felt myself until I saw this happen today.

You see, my daughter has a little bit of stranger danger and she went right to Papa like she had known him all along ?

So, why was I avoiding this? I think that’s obvious… Nursing homes are fucking scary + I’ve never had a good memory flourish from one.

In my eyes, people go to nursing homes to die and the fact that I can’t care for him as I did my grandmother, eats me up inside.

I dodged this moment for some time now and today those anxiety’s were set to rest.

It was a really short visit but a long ass way we came for those few precious hugs & kisses

I don’t force my kids to have a relationship with family that doesn’t make an effort to be in the picture, but this- this is ‘the picture’. The picture I will cherish, the warmth that will stem from the story we will one day show + tell of her Papa

Living the #militarylife has its upsides but being away from family is definitely a downer.

For now, he remembers me and that makes me content…until next time papa ?

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As my new Instagram friend @canuck5619 said in a thoughtful comment, “the mantle of spirit is passed” and I feel like I can breathe.

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