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Top 3 Ways Yvette Keeps #momlife in Check

by angela

Everyone has their own method to their madness and I honestly have been insta-story-stalking Yvette for some time now not only because we grew up together but because I’m like…damn! That’s a mom boss and how do I do ‘that’?!?!?

So I reached out to her…because I’m doing that exposure therapy thing where you put yourself in uncomfortable situations so that you can learn to…(we’ll save that for another day)..

Not only was she up for talking about her ‘planning style’ but she was down for a LIVE chat on Instagram (woot woot) and I couldn’t turn that down.

So who is she? What does she do? Why am I even spending time writing this right now..?

I’ll be going down to southern Cali mid-October for an exclusive interview with Yvette and her fiancé Jessica so I’ll save all the details for then. But for now…I can tell you she is awesome. She is a mother, partner, leader, CrossFit coach and all around positive person. 

It’s hard to not like positive people, they’re so contagious!

Here are her top 3 ways she stays organized. 

  1. Shared iPhone Calendar: “We share a joint calendar using my iPhone. Jessica And I add parties, trips, doctors appts etc”
  2. To-Do Lists: “Daily to do list in iPhone notes, this is more specific task for me. Usually numerically ordered by importance”
  3. Wall Calendar: “We have a large visible dry erase calendar in our kitchen.  I sit down and  write out the week on Sunday . This is the time I coordinate with Jessica on pick up and drop offs for Sebastian important things occurring that week. Lately it’s been vital part of our family because we are in the last few weeks before our wedding lots of errands and meetings with our wedding coordinator and wedding party”

For fun, I asked that she send me a screen shot of what her daily-task list looks like so we could get an idea for how full her days might be on any given day and let me just tell you, with that much on her agenda- she definitely need’s all the calendars to keep track.

She also shared a photo of her dry-erase board that helps keep the entire family on the same page.

So there you have it! The method to her madness. A little bit of practical mixed with a dash of iPhone tech and she’s managing her day to day without forgetting about all that is important to her.

I’m sure there are a million ways to plan out your daily, weekly and monthly agendas and these are all practical and to the point…now if we could all just be half as organized I think we’ll be onto something.

I myself also use these same methods but instead of logging my daily’s in my notes app, I use what’s called a ‘bullet journal’, and I don’t ever think I’d be able to go back to a regular planner again.

I probably change this around about once a month but here is a photo of our kitchen calendar/homework center that works for us.

If you’re interested in seeing how I use a bullet journal to stay organized please let me know through instagram and feedback in my daily story posts. I love hearing from you guys 🙂

Thank you all that tuned into our LIVE chat on instagram and a huge THANK YOU to Yvette for joining me  and sharing your tips with my knots 🙂

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