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by angela


Every family has a rock/boss lady/matriarch-type personality that nobody fucks with because they’re the glue and somehow holds the family together, even when the glue hasn’t completely dried.

Not only do they multi-task like a mother, but this super-human somehow makes sure that ship don’t sink and everyone stays warm even when you’ve hit an iceberg head on in the middle of winter with no blankets. ??‍♀️

If you know someone that can relate to being a badass, that person is “a knot”.


If you’re “the knot” in your family or are trying to be there for that person in your tribe then you‘re at the right place my friend.

This is a safe space I created for my people that haven’t found the right crowd and don’t intend to give it any effort because we’re too busy keeping our head above the water. ??

The Box of Knots is a collective of humans raising humans and sometimes all we need is to be there for one another.

It’s not much, but Box of Knots is my attempt at staying connected on a regular basis with other mama’s like me.

So whether you’re out with the girls letting loose, adulting like a boss, loosing your shit on this deployment or just need to know you’re not alone, your fellow knots are here for ya!

Use these hashtags in your social media and stay connected with other knots ❤

#loosentheknot #tietheknot #cuttheknot #stuckinthebox #endoftherope


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