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by angela

Getting in my car and driving was probably the best thing I could have ever done for myself, my kids, my marriage. In the last 3 weeks I’ve driven 166 passengers for @uber. That’s 166 introductions to strangers, 166 opportunities to make a connection with a human being. 166 chances to give my anxiety a big f&ck you.

I love my kids ya’ll, but DAMN postpartum depression is R E A L and it feeds into everything and anything you love.

This patrol has been really hard for our whole family and I felt this fog suffocating me with every homeschool lesson and nursing session with my babes. All moments to bond turned into moments of vulnerability to my own well being. So I drove. I got in the car, (kids with @yayas.journey) and drove until that fog was far behind me.

Tonight, on a night I miss my husband dearly, this ride took me to the top of a hill in San Francisco. Just what I needed because, DAMN he would LOVE this view. And we would probably sit here and talk for hours. About anything and everything.

But for now I’ll save this photo, along with dozens of others from my Uber journeys and keep driving. And I’ll keep driving until he returns because our family is too fragile for me to fall apart ❤ driving has saved my soul along with the countless people who have told me their stories, cried about their ex’s in my back seat or praised me for “grinding” in the middle of the night. Be nice to your drivers ❤ they need love too



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