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Easter Egg Snake

by angela

We’re always after that simple, mess free, boy-ish craft my little engineer can tinker on and this time he’s actually the one that had the idea! (Although I found it online with a quick search so I think he might have seen a video on youtube before suggesting it) So we hopped in the car, did a quick run to target and viola!

We hope you enjoy!

What you need:

Here’s how you make it…

STEP 1: Tie your string to the end of half an Easter egg. This will be the tail.     TIP: If you’re using cheap (but cute) twine like mine you can use a piece of tape at the end of the string to make it easier for your little to string through the eggs.  

STEP 2: While alternating colors, use your string and thread the rest of your Easter eggs. Make sure to set aside the bottom half of an egg for your Slither.io’s head.  

STEP 3: Use scissors and cut out a red tongue on your choice of material; felt, foam or construction paper. You’ll want to cut a slight line in between the two holes and thread the tongue through, adding hot glue to the inside to secure it.  

STEP 4: Tie a tight knot on the inside of the last egg to ke ep them all strung along the string.  

STEP 5: Take some hot glue and glue on the eyes as well as the head to the last opened Easter egg.


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