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DIY T-Shirt Cat Tent

by angela


When my husband is deployed, my kids and I aren’t the only ones that miss him – if you can’t tell by all the pet hair…

Earlier this week while tackling a pile of laundry, I got an idea when my cat peeked his head from my husbands work shirt he left behind. So I jumped on Pinterest and what do you know, a t-shirt cat tent is an actual thing…so here is my version of it…(please excuse all the pet hair!)

What you need:

  • card board
  • 2 metal hangars
  • wire cutters
  • masking tape
  • t-shirt


Here’s what you do:

1) Use wire cutters to untangle the hangers and lay them as flat as you can. Cut the tips of the hangers to remove any parts that are hard to reshape. Set aside one of the wire scraps for step 3.
2) Tape off the corners with masking tape or painters tape to reinforce the cardboard
3) Take the scrap piece of wire hanger and use the sharp tip to puncture a small hole in each corner.
4) Take your hangers and criss-cross them. You can twist them or tape them to secure them to each other so they keep the structure strong.
5) Once your wires are secured to each other, insert the ends of the wire into each hole on your cardboard.You’ll want to bend about 1 inch of each tip into an “L” before inserting it You’ll want to do this to each corner and secure the wire to the cardboard with tape.
6) Finally, once your tent frame resembles somewhat of a tent then you’re ready to pull your t-shirt over the frame and secure the extra fabric under the bottom using masking tape. It won’t look pretty but it’s the least destructive way to use the shirt without ruining it.

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1 comment

Dad February 10, 2018 - 6:52 am

Great idea and love your creativity Ang!


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