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DIY Cupid’s Valentines Day Arrow

by angela


My son, Sylas loves to play with anything that shoots, wether it be launching marshmallows at me or playing some q-tip target practice, he loves it! Sure, we have an arsenal of Nerf guns in the toy bin but its a lot more fun when we get to make it ourselves. Our latest craft was as “boyish” as we could think of for a very girly Valentines day. All the supplies can be found in your home or the dollar store and provides hours of play. Try our simple Valentines Day craft that every cupid loves to play with in 5 easy to follow steps.

What you need

  • Popsicle Sticks

  • String

  • Q-tips

  • Scissors

  • Water


Follow these steps…

Step 1

Soak a few popsicle sticks in water for an hour

The reason I say to soak “a few” is because they break! You’ll be bending the popsicle stick once it becomes playable from soaking in water and its good to have some extras for backup.

Step 2

Once you can bend the popsicle sticks without creating any cracks, use your scissors to create two notches on each end and one in the center. (See image for example)

The end notches will be used to bend the bow and the center notch will be used to prop up your arrow.

Step 3

Tie a string to one end and wrap it tightly.

Step 4

Slowly bend your popsicle stick and wrap the string around the other end until the stick is secured into a bend. Tie off the ends and cut the excess away.

Step 5

Use scissors to cut one end off of your q-tips.

You’ll be using the long end as your arrow, so cut as many as you need.


Simply place the q-tip into the center notch. Align the end with the string, pull back and release.

Make sure to not aim it at faces because it can shoot pretty far!







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