Every Life Book includes a custom laser engraved cover, a volume # as well as layout stickers to maximize your #lifebookandchill experience.


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Meet Estela

Life Booking since February 2021

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The LIFE BOOK is a practical method to begin documenting your life-path toward self-discovery.

Each LIFE BOOK is engraved with the Author’s Name, the month they began, and the Volume Number (ex. #001) they are on.

As #LIFEBOOKERS begin to write in their LIFE BOOK, they fill up the pages and plant the seeds that need to be watered to help them cultivate the ultimate life they desire.

#LIFEBOOKERS can utilize pre-printed sticker LAYOUT PACKS designed by Angela from BOX OF KNOTS to help maximize their flow within the pages of their books.

As a Certified Cognitive Behavior Coach, Art Therapy Mentor, Practicing Healer and Graphic Designer- Angela has spent 16+ years studying life + culture while creating options to cultivate greatness through THE LIFE BOOK.

Her focus is “to blur the lines on healing and show you that you have the power to heal within you.” 

THE LIFE BOOK is the ultimate cross road for all your needs.


Unlimited Possibilities

Fully Customizable Page Layouts

Over 120+ Peel-And-Stick Layouts to Choose From

the 'tear-out' option.

The Ultimate To-Do List System

Turn Your Everyday "To-Do List" into the "To-Done" List

Expand Your Toolbox

Fun + Modern Modalities

Designed on a fine line between Art Therapy + Scrapbooking.

Sacred Moments Kept Safe

Save Your Favorite Memories

+ Never Forget The Important Details Again

Compatible With Most Brands

Life Book Supplies

Every Life Book has the ability to be fully customizable- from cover, binding and back-end.

Welcome New Possibilities

Delete Your Fears

Afraid someone might open your book? We've got journal hacking tips to help you feel safe in your Life Book space.

Address + Password Log

Never misplace an important username or address again and always be ready for card-seasons!

Meal Logging + Planning

Keeping a general inventory of your food intake to pivot your dietary habits over time or plan ahead for a busy meal prep.

Mental Health Log

Taking daily inventory of your mental health is an essential part of health. The Life Book provides options with Personal Development in mind.

Grocery Shopping

Cant remember what you got last trip? The To-Do Lists are the perfect way to remember.

Mood + Anxiety Tracking

Feeling something? Write it down to strengthen your emotional intelligence.

Life Book Community

Connect with other #LIFEBOOKERS and learn new fun ways to maximize your Life Book.

southern-cali sage

Yarn Wrapped
Spirit Wands

Since 2018, The Rainbow Box Project has received countless donations of like-new and scrap yarn.

Hand-wrapped with intention; these sage wands include a "be blunt about it" info card.

polymer clay

Smudge Dish

Baked and secured to an engraved wooden plate, these smudge dishes will hold your sage and incense perfectly.

packaged to re-gift 🤍

The Hug Token + Perspective Key

It has been scientifically proven that humans need hugs to keep connected. These small tokens are a great excuse for a deep convo or compassion.

mental health awareness

The Rainbow
Car Charm

NEW Custom Option available to add on an engraved wooden message or name to your rainbow.

Pom-Poms come scented with essential oils to keep your vibe fresh.


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