DIY Treasure Map Invitations

CREATING TREASURE MAP INVITATIONS The first impression, brand and representation of your event relies solely on the creativity and outcome of the invitations – sometimes an overlooked aspect of event planning, but a necessary component in captivating your audience so attendance exists. So when we decided to go for a “pirate” themed birthday party I

Blueberry Sangria Muffins

The inspiration for this recipe stemmed from my natural instinct and admiration of one Zappos 10-core values (#8), “do more with less”. In this particular situation, as my husband finished off the last of the Sangria [ingrideints: red wine, mountain dew, blueberries & raspberries soaked in rum] he asked me if he should throw out

Printable Grocery Checklist

// MY STRUGGLE Grocery shopping, believe it or not, can be a really stressful task that has to be done, regardless. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if I’m stressed or in pain, completing the task of filling up the fridge can sometimes be more than I can handle. I usually try to

5 Productive Blog Tips

As I begin to blog a bit more I often come across tips I wanted to post so I never forget. These can apply to more things in your life than just blogging!  // WAKE UP EARLY My husband might think I’m a bit obsessive with my 5:30 am alarms on my phone that read

DIY Shower Toy Storage

// THE PROBLEM I’ve been a mom now for almost 3 years, figuring things out as I go and one aspect of parenting I actually love is finding new ways to make everyday tasks, routines and things more time effective, clever and useful. While my health has been taking its toll on me, I recently

Taking Box of Knots in a New Direction

Not everyday is an easy day. There’ are those day’s you don’t want to roll out of bed without a hot cup of coffee waiting for you. But there has to be some point where we, as functioning human-beings have to learn to fuck off the bad days and take them at face value. The other day, for

O.K. God, What’s Next?

As I lay in bed, Macbook in hand and my almost 4-year old ‘Sy guy’ next to me because his school said he was “too sick” to be around the other sick kids –  he cuddles up next to me and tells me that he want’s to sit next to “mama” and play with my